AWFA- All-round Weightlifting Federation of Australia

AWFA was formed to continue the long standing tradition of old-time weightlifters like Eugen Sandow, Louis Cyr, Arthur Saxon, Hermann Goerner, Warren Lincoln Travis, and many others. We strive to preserve the history of the original forms of weightlifting, which in the past has been referred to as “odd lifting”. Many of the lifts we perform are based on stage acts or challenge lifts of old-time strongmen.

Formed in the the late 80's by Frank Lamp the federation was called All-round Weightliftng Western Australia (ARWLWA) and was a member of the International All-Round Weightlifting Association (IAWA). In 2019 the ARWLWA committee voted to form into the All-round Weightlifting Federation of Australia (AWFA) to establish a national governing body to oversee all-round weightlifting in Australia. AWFA remains a member of IAWA with two other associations involved with the USAWA in the USA and IAWA(UK) in the United Kingdom. Each year all-round weightlifters from around the world gather together to compete in the IAWA World Championships to find the truest all-round weightlifters. AWFA has over 150 recognized lifts and there are 1000's of World and Australian records for lifters to set and break. There are multiple meets held each year for all-round weightlifters to compete in including the annual Australian Championships.